Muck Truck Wins Patent/Design registration Dispute Against Chinese Company in the European Union for Stealing Muck Truck Design and Selling Powered WheelBarrows

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(Trade marks and designs).

You'll see that it still says "Invalidity procedure pending", that's because the judgment is very recent and they haven't updated the register. Once they've updated it, these designs will say "invalidated".

Muck Truck® Global announced today that the Trademarks and Design Office on the European Union has ruled in favor of Muck Truck against the Nantong ANT Machinery Co.,Ltd of China in a trademark and design dispute. It has been ruled that Nantong ANT infringed on the registered MUCK TRUCK product designs in the EU. The Nantong ANT registration and design have been ruled invalid and have been voided. Nantong ANT is no longer allowed to sell their Garden Loaders legally in the EU.

"It is very sad that governments and patent offices charge so much money for registrations and patents," said Terry Rowlands, CEO of Muck Truck. "It limits the coverage and protection a new company has for unique designs and opens the door to counterfeit products and foreign companies like Nantong ANT."

"Nantong ANT stole our design," continued Rowlands, "manufactured cheap versions of the Muck Truck and sold millions of dollars of their junk to re-sellers in the EU. This Chinese company steals intellectual property and profits by selling junk until they get caught. It costs thousands of dollars to pursue legal action and once they lose they just move to the next product theft. In the meantime they made millions of dollars and companies in the EU, USA or Australia cannot go after these stolen profits."

MUCK TRUCK . has won against several importers who have sold these cheap Chinese products. "If you import counterfeit Chinese copies you deserve to get sued," said Rowlands. "Mucktruck will not hesitate to sue your business or go after your personal holdings if you infringe our design rights. We have spent thousands of dollars and several years to develop our high-quality products and we intend to protect our registered designs."

Learn more and view the video showing the cheap Chinese copies:

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