Company History

The Camisa brothers established their company back in 1954 when Mario, who had worked as an apprentice in a mechanical workshop, started up his own business in the small machine shop in Serra di Bedonia (Parma), helped by his brother Giuseppe.

At first they repaired and constructed tools for agriculture and worked as farriers, but gradually built up their business by repairing ploughs and other agricultural machinery.

Thanks to their initiative and flair, in 1961 the brothers obtained their first "Industrial Patent" for the "Wheeled load platform for power mowers", commonly called "Torello" or affectionately known as "Sputnik" by the many farmers in the Taro and Ceno Valleys. Not long after, the "Transporter Farm Vehicle" made its appearance: a vehicle for transporting agricultural products which proved to be a success not only on the national market, but also abroad in France, Switzerland and Burundi (Central Africa).

In the Seventies a new production line was added to the thriving construction of farm vehicles, now available in several different models: the "Minidumper on wheels", an innovative means of transport widely used in both the agricultural and construction sectors. Towards the end of the Eighties, the evolution of this vehicle led to the production of the first Italian "Tracked transporter", currently produced in a wide range of models. The tracked vehicles line also comprises the series of "Compact tractors", first constructed in the Nineties, when the present "Agricultural" and "Municipal" vehicles started to be produced.

In 1998, after working in the company from an early age, Mario’s sons Roberto and Massimo took the lead, while the two founders became supervisors; today, as a result of the active collaboration of the partners’ wives and of Roberto’s offspring, the company is even more a family-run business, with the third generation getting ready to take over.

In the meanwhile, the number of foreign customers has grown and the company now exports to a several different countries: chiefly to the United States, especially for railway maintenance apparatus, but also to most main European countries, including the United Kingdom and Denmark, largely for the construction sector, and France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, where there is a strong demand for tracked vehicles for viticulture.

The pursuit of a niche market that requires high quality and extremely specific machinery is the driving force behind the company’s constant research and development of new machinery for its customers: among the novelties there are tracked transporters fitted with atomizers for fruit farming and viticulture in mountainous areas, and vehicles specifically equipped for cleaning beaches. The story continues...

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